Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geojedo Road Trip!

This weekend I have four days in a row off from school. Originally, Min Gi and I were going to go to Japan, but my money for that went to Saja's vet bills, so we decided to go to Korea's second largest island, Geoje (거제도 or Koje), which is accessible by car through two bridges from the small tourist town of Tongyeong (통영) or Masan (마산).

Usually, I'd plan this stuff out myself, but having been a little preoccupied the last few weeks, Min Gi took charge. Not only did he plan the whole trip, he even borrowed his brother's navigation system (a useful tool when road-tripping in unfamiliar territory) and bought snacks at HomePlus (the poor boy bought some of my favorite snacks that are now verboten, thanks to my lovely medical condition... poo to that!)

We left early Friday afternoon, thanks to finals at my school and a labor holiday at Min Gi's office job. After some minor detours, the navi system successfully got us to Geoje's Black Pearl Pebble Beach (학동 흑진주 몽돌해변/학동몽돌해수육장), a beautiful little tourist spot to spend the evening.

Here we are at the beach, happy as clams. Well maybe not the clams available for consumption. They wouldn't be so happy...

We wandered up and down the beach a bit, giddy on the ocean breeze and beautiful shorelines of Geoje. Min Gi asked some of the motels and min baks (민박) for their prices and also about how to get to our destination for the next day (next post!). Since it was a holiday weekend and beach front area, finding reasonable accommodation was no easy task, but eventually Min Gi found a cheap little room at a small min bak off the beaten path, but still less than a five minute walk to the beach for 30,000 won. Not the greatest of facilities, but it was reasonably clean and less than half of the cost at the other places we'd been quoted.

Down the beach, we found some washed up starfish. They looked so sad.

On our walk back to the car to move our stuff to the min bak, we saw some tourists setting off fireworks.

Turns out Min Gi is quite the talented travel planner! He even looked up what the food specialty was for Geoje. See, each town in Korea has some kind of food specialty (Daegu's is apples... go figure). The island of Geoje is famous for Meongge Bibimbab (멍게비빔밥). I've had bibimbap lots of times. It's a delicious vegetable and mixed rice dish with some spicy hot pepper sauce, so I asked Min Gi what Meongge was; at first, he translated it as some kind of crab (which has the 게 sound in it, so I thought that sounded fine to me). After we ordered it, I suddenly realized I hadn't seen any crabs in the tanks. What I had seen was lots and lots of this ugly red thing from the sea that looks so unappetizing it needs a whole other category. So I asked him if the red things were Meongge. He confirmed this, and we looked it up in his handphone dictionary. Sea squirts. I'm about to eat raw sea squirts.

Sea Squirts (멍게) in a tank, waiting to be eaten.

Since we'd already ordered, I decided to buck up and be a good sport. In all honesty, the food was delicious. The bibimbap had apples in it and the spicy sauce tasted like the kind Koreans use with other raw fish. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was eating those creatures pictured above. So I could only finish half my bowl. Min Gi happily finished my other half, of course, and I snacked on some crackers later when I got hungry again.

We woke up very early the next morning, donned our cowboy (Min Gi) and communist (me) hats, and set out for the ferry harbor that would take us to our next destination. We ended up being too early for the ferry (Min Gi had looked up the times, but they were the summer times), so we wandered around a little in the harbor.

These cuties were in a dilapidated house and their mom was in an old broken down bathroom. I wanted to kidnap them all.

Check out all of our Geoje photos:


And get ready for the next installment, featuring an island paradise off the southern coast of Korea...


  1. Damn, you're looking hot, Diana.

    And the boyfriend's hot, too.

  2. Those starfish look like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas! I love them.

  3. Amanda,

    너무 친절해요...


    They DO! I loved them before, now I love them more.



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