Thursday, April 30, 2009

Albatrosses, News, and Hospitals.

I was blogosphere AWOL for a bit there. Sorry about that. I'm back again.

I've been spending the last few weeks directing my writing energies (and other energies, such as the TKD that I've taken the month off) into completing that albatross about my neck--the master's thesis (and other work related to the completion of said degree). About an hour ago, I e-mailed the final draft to my kind and understanding professor. It's DONE!!! Time for celebration!

So I have now finished the last paper for a class that I plan to complete for a long time. With the completion of a bit more paperwork, I'll not be a student "officially" for the first time since starting school. Wow. The end of an era.

In the time I've been failing to blog, I've appeared in the local paper (which you already knew if you could read the Korean comment Sa Beom Nim's wife left on my last entry). Check me out! For you non-Korean readers, it summarizes and profiles the work we do for the gifted students' classes. I teach writing to high school students and one section of literature to the middle school students (William teaches the other two middle school sections). It's a very fun class to teach and it gives me some overtime hours, which are good for the wallet.

Finally, I've been avoiding blogging because I've been going through some crazy medical testing/diagnosis stuff. While they're still not 100%, yesterday the doctor said he has a good idea what it is, but just needs to confirm it with another test in a month. It's not great, but the condition should be manageable.

I want to recommend to any ex-pats in Daegu that if you have some serious medical worries, check out Keimyung University's Dongsan Hospital International Clinic, near Seomun Market. The nearly-fluent nurse is helpful in deciphering medical instructions and both of the doctors I saw spoke passable medical English. I felt comfortable through the whole process. If you have any questions about this, shoot me an e-mail.


  1. Aw c'mon go for the doctorate. Dr Diana!!


    Hope the health issue works out.

  2. I've considered it. I always thought I'd get a doctorate, but then I realized that academia would tie me down to one place for a long time. I enjoy living in different places and seeing new things. Maybe if my Korean gets good enough, I'll go for my linguistics degree here... heh heh... that would be impressive, yeah?



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