Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Min Gi continued his new career as a phone interpreter for animal health:

"How much did the vet say the surgery would cost?"

"A little expensive. 200,000 won for the surgery. Then there is a blood test (60,000) and the cost for the hospital stay (30,000)."

"That's about the same as it would be in America at a private vet." Current exchange rate puts the total at a little less than $190.


"Yeah. Looks like we're not going to Japan, hon."

"I am sorry." Me, too. Hopefully after Friday, though, I can sleep through the night once 사자 stops trying to attract any tomcat in a 15 mile radius to our door.


We have an inter-office message system at work. I asked my boss (who sits next to me) for help:

"Ms. Seo, I can't log in to the messenger system anymore."

"Oh, you need to change the information."

"Ok. How do I fix it?"

"We were sent a message about how to change it."

"Through the messenger system?"


"That I can't log onto anymore until I fix it?"

"Yes." I stare at her disbelievingly for a minute, and we both laugh at the ridiculousness. "I'll call the IT person."

"Thank you."

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