Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kitty Drama.

Yesterday, 사자 was acting a little more crazy than usual. She was mewling loudly almost all the time and rubbing herself all over everything. She was acting just like she was in heat, except when I got her from Kelly, I'd thought she was fixed. So when she was even worse upon my return from work today, I figured I should take her to the vet anyhow.

Min Gi helped translate a little via phone, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her. He started asking me the details of her spaying surgery (kind of funny because the only English word he could remember was "ovaries") when I realized that I didn't know the details. The vet book Kelly had given me only had some vaccination records. I knew she'd gotten 사자 as a pretty young kitten from another foreigner who couldn't take care of her anymore, but I was pretty sure the cat had been fixed under the previous foreigner's care.

The vet tried to check if the surgery had been done because I had been so sure at first that it had been done, but didn't know the details. He said he couldn't tell, but that she seemed perfectly healthy, so if she has had the surgery, then she's probably just stressed (which doesn't make sense because me being gone to Vietnam should have caused more stress than starting work, and neither of my kitties really get "stressed"; Princess worries a bit if I'm gone too long, but no stress).

So I talked to Kelly online a few minutes ago.

Yeah. She was like "Oh. I think I remember that I wanted to get it done, but I didn't do it." Hm. Information that would have been helpful to me back in July when I first took her in.

Well, at least I found a decent vet near my house and figured out what's wrong with 사자 (the solution to which should make her less rambunctious and annoying at night, to boot). I'll call tomorrow to schedule the surgery. In the meantime, I probably won't sleep tonight. And I kind of pity our neighbors. For a tiny animal, she's really loud.

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