Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Apartment!!!

Ok, so I mentioned last week that I have moved into the future love-nest of Min Gi and I (he's moving in more slowly--for example, his car, computer, and some of his decorations live here, but not his clothes yet; he wants to ease his mom off of having to do his laundry). It's a two-bedroom apartment near my school. Ok, actually it's just across the road from my school, like about one minute from my front door to my office. This has distinct advantages in terms of convenience, but if you recall that TFLHS is a boarding school, this does lead to some awkward moments coming back from my early yoga class and whatnot.

Anyhow, I love this apartment. I love the layout and the landlord and the size and everything! Inspired by Danielle, I have decided to give you a video tour. I have learned I'm not cut out for video blogging, but whatever. Enjoy:


  1. Awesome new place Diana! I love it!!! You must invite me over for tea if you have a minute while I'm down :P

  2. I love it that we both refer to how large our houses are, when in respect to normal living standards, they're still quite small. Can you tell English teachers live in boxes the first few years they're here? Haha.
    Looks great and I'm excited for you and MinGi. Doesn't really matter where, but it's so nice to have a place that you two make together!!
    Congrats on your love nest! And thanks for the link love!

  3. Lovely tour! I can't wait to check it out myself ;) when I come for a visit

  4. Sarah--

    Of course! I'm looking forward to seeing you. You're welcome to come over anytime while you're here--it just might be a mad house.


    Haha! You're right! Those one rooms... *sigh* But it makes you appreciate space soooo much more...


    When are you coming? We have a couch now that folds out to a bed all futon-y.



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