Friday, July 4, 2014

Joining Weight Watchers

Life update notice:  My father died of a heart attack on June 5, 2014.  I will write about it.  I will.I just can't do that right now.  I'm going to write about something else important to me, but not at all in the same way: my weight.

I have to face it: I gained about 15 lbs when I moved from Korea to America in 2010 (and was definitely not at my lowest at the end of my Korea stay--around 180lbs) and then put on a lot more (45) while pregnant (I weighed 240 at the hospital weigh-in while in labor).  I lost some of that (about 30 lbs of it) within the first few weeks and then another 10 or so while breastfeeding.  This school year I had a really tough schedule.  My students ended up being awesome, and I felt a lot better about it as a teacher than I really expected to, but the stress contributed to packing on a few more pounds and that 10 I lost breastfeeding has crept back.  I haven't seen below 200 since before I was pregnant.  It's time to get serious about this problem.

I joined Weight Watchers with Mom about three weeks ago.  I like it a lot more than I thought I would.  The first week, I weighed in at 212.6 lbs.  They set a goal for me to lose 5% (or 11 lbs.), which seems very manageable for me.  I've decided when I hit that goal, I will dye my hair red again.  I've been wanting to for some time, but not really doing it because I'm so unhappy with my appearance at this weight.  It seems like a perfect reward for my first goal!

Tomorrow will be my second weigh-in.  I'm not doing perfectly, but it is helping me focus on building more healthful habits again.  And I lost weight the first week (2.4 lbs, actually... which was more than I expected to lose) and think I might be down another pound this week (my clothes are starting to feel more comfortable again).  Then again, I was flaring this week and started the steroids again, so my cravings were out of control some days.  We'll see tomorrow.

Honestly, though, just being part of the program is bringing a mindfulness to my health choices that I'm already really enjoying.  I have been exercising more and have been more attentive to both my food choices and my portion sizes.  I'm eating a lot more fruits and vegetables.  I feel a lot better, even though I've been working a lot at hotline and curriculum writing.  It is nice to feel healthier and more powerful that way.

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