Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holding it together?

I skipped the swing dance party that I'd really been looking forward to because it was Saja's first day back home post-operation. I enjoyed a quiet, relaxing weekend.

No, no, tell them the truth. Tell them how you were so homesick you wanted to eat at McDonalds, which you usually abhor.

Ok, ok. The weekend was a little dull. And since Dad's out of the hospital now but still needs a lot of help, I'm feeling especially guilty about not being home right now. So I did have a minor bout with the blues. But it was nothing, really.

You were fantasizing about your old apartment and job. You even looked up available housing on craigslist and other apartment listing sites. You considered calling your old boss.

Well, I've also been checking out Korean apartment listings. I think I'm just going through a real estate phase. Besides, I had a great dinner with Se Jin downtown, and we got to girl-talk in a soul-fulfilling way. I'm having a pretty good time these days.

You had a nightmare about your graduate school degree.

Fine, ok. I'm unhappy right now. Do you have to be such a bitch about it? Now I'll go eat a tub of ice cream and cry at the ending of the Harry Potter movie on TV. Is that what you want? Huh?

Sorry. Sheesh. Don't be so sensitive. The weather is improving. You were happy today when you went shopping for your teachers' class.

Maybe you're right.

Just don't check the exchange rate again for awhile... ok?

Note to readers: I'm not having a psychological break with reality. I promise. I'm just having major mood swings for no good reason at all. I'll be better soon, I promise.


  1. I stopped checking the exchange rate long ago. My money has to go back when I do, and there's nothing I can do to change the rate, so...it's best to just not bring myself misery by dwelling on it.

  2. Moo. You'll be fine. Mood swings are normal and totally useful. We couldn't enjoy being happy without being sad sometimes.


  3. i totally sympathize diana!

    all the expert expats have told me the mood swings and whatnot are normal but geez, it doesn't feel good! however 'normal' feeling overly pissed off, or worried, or disappointed might be, I could do without it.

    i've passed my low point (at the moment) and i think it really is true, the coming of spring will make a world of difference!

    make your boyfriend give you more hugs! at least you have one ;)

  4. Thanks guys. It comes and goes. The last few days have been especially rough (I think because it's almost-but-not-quite spring and my kitty's drama).



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