Friday, August 31, 2007

Korea--land of cute.

The first impression this country made on me was that it was extremely cute (like "Hello Kitty" cute). I think this impression came mostly from the colorful cartoon animals with their thumbs up, proudly displaying what kind of restaurant allows you to eat them. I mean, in the US, there is Chick-Fil-A, but that had a cow encouraging you to eat chicken--it made sense. I think, as a vegetarian, I am slightly more disturbed by the fact that this is the character for a chicken restaurant:

And this is a seafood restaurant:

At least at this beef restaurant, the bull looks very angry:

Despite the slightly disturbing nature, I can't help but find all of these signs very adorable. Look how smiley and colorful they are!

Speaking of signs, this one seems to indicate beauty shop, but there is a colorful spinning wheel in part of it, that makes it very hypnotic when I am walking down the street and pass about six different shops, all with this sign:

However will Diana survive in the magical Land of the Cute??? Sometimes, I feel a bit like a bull in a China shop. But then a Korean does something gross, like spit on the sidewalk in front of me, and then it all balances out.

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  1. Funny...I have a flickr pages dedicated to this same subject:

    Check it out, if you get chance.



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