About Me

Hello there!

My name is Diana and if you've clicked on this you're probably new to my blog. Welcome.

Current Status:
I'm 36 years old, American by birth, educator by profession, and married to a wonderful Korean man, Min Gi, who is 43. We have a son, Jeongmin, who is in kindergarten.  We met in Korea, where I lived and worked for three years.  We moved to the U.S. in fall of 2010, had a heck of a tough time adjusting, but finally arrived in a comfortable life-space.  We became homeowners in February of 2013 and moved to Frederick, MD where we plan to settle for a bit.

I read a lot--usually novels or literary nonfiction, although I have a guilty weakness for financial literature, health articles, and parenting (used to be dating/relationship/self-help) books. I think and write a lot about education and teaching because that matters to me. While living in Korea and married to a Korean, I've become fascinated with Korean culture and history, so I often write about that and reflect on my experiences.

I write often. It's what I want to do when I grow up.

Obviously, I enjoy travel--both big and small.  Min Gi and I like nature-type, historic-landmark-type travel more than shopping/partying-type travel (though I believe in our formerly single lives, we both did quite a bit more of the latter).  Hiking was our first date, and continues to be a regular activity for us.

I love swing dance--especially Lindy hop, though I am notoriously awkward.  Early in our relationship, Min Gi signed up for classes, so now we both dance.  We even had a swing dance wedding at out swing dance club in Korea.  We have informal dance parties now with our kids.  Frederick has a branch of Gottaswing now, so we get out dancing about once a month.


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