Monday, August 5, 2013

Coming Home... as a Homeowner.

Coming home to your own house after vacation is a new experience for me.

I was shocked by how reassuring and comfortable it felt to return to our place, our shelter.  I never really thought I'd be the homeowning type--too much responsibility--but Min Gi and I got a really great deal on this three floor, end-unit townhouse in a beautiful neighborhood just under five miles from my job.  It was appraised at $223,000, and the bank accepted our offer of $197,000 plus they covered 3% (or about $6,000) of closing costs.  We moved in at the beginning of March and have been updating it slowly since then (it was a foreclosure and was... missing some things... like door knobs and light fixtures and a refrigerator).  To give you a sense of just what an awesome deal this is, two similar units in our community sold in May for over $250,000 each.

But late at night, after traveling for more than 24 hours, crashing in our bed, seeing our kitties greet us, with our comfortable, familiar surroundings was just different than coming home has ever been for me.

I need to write more about the (unplanned) process of homeownership--which involved even MORE paperwork than the immigration stuff for Min Gi--but I am still a touch jetlagged and have cleaning and paperwork to catch up on.  Just wanted to share that things are good.

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