Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Toddlers in Korea: Water Fountains/Hoses

Plane ride wasn't actually as bad as I'd been fearing.  Not looking forward to the flight back or anything, but not living in terror of it anymore.

I've been back in Korea for a bit over four weeks.  Definitely having a lovely time exploring the country afresh from the perspective of a toddler.  The most awesome part of Korea?  Water fountains.

Any and all water pouring forth from hoses and faucets.  They are ALL OVER this country.  I kid you not.

To be fair, we have somewhat encouraged this behavior as it is relatively harmless and entertains him for large chunks of time.  We even take him to water parks comprised almost entirely of water-fountain like devices.

Koreans seem to think Jeongmin playing with water is about the most entertaining thing ever.  He gets swarmed by middle school girls and old grandmothers alike.

Even Buddha approves of his water obsession:

Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to remove a toddler from his water source.  He will become agitated, whiny, and possibly violent.  On the plus side, he makes faces that you could submit to the ever-popular parenting blog: Reasons My Son Is Crying.

But I'm really not cruel enough frustrated enough by my toddler's behavior to humiliate him like that...



  1. So glad you are posting again! Your trip looks lovely. Jeongmin is so cute! His looks struck me immediately - I have a one-year-old half-Korean baby too, and he also is very fair and so far doesn't really look Asian at all! He has red hair. I don't even have red hair.

    -Aimee (a random person you don't know, also married to a Korean in living in md :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Aimee. Yeah... his blond hair gets tons of attention in Korea. We found some old baby pictures of Min Gi at his mom's house and as a child, he had almost auburn hair and his brother had a light brown (like sandy). Apparently they were teased for looking American as children. But it's so funny how these things work out. Genetics... fascinating.

      And hooray for people married to Koreans in Maryland! Especially with one year olds! We RULE.



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