Saturday, June 22, 2013

'Twas the Night Before... first major international travel with a toddler.  Nightmare visions of ending up as the parents with the eternally screaming child who just cannot be consoled or entertained while stuck in a small metal box for 13.5 hours roll through my mind.

Worse still: I believe he is teething again.  He learned to say "No no no no no!" just this week. He thinks hitting, kicking, biting, and hair pulling are hilarious when he gets over tired.  And he's experimenting with temper-tantrums.

Really, my son is an even-tempered, delightful little boy.  But so was my cat Saja until we locked her in a small metal box without adequate hydration or access to a bathroom for 20ish hours (bus + flight).  Then she became the Devil spawn.  She's chilled out for the most part now, but don't let her see that carrier, or boy oh boy...

Min Gi and I have tried to prepare like rational adults: the diapers are packed, the stickers and colored pens are loaded, the iPod touch apps prepared, the snacks he likes best are individually bagged.  I even decided two months ago not to wean until after we return from Korea just for having one more method of appeasement available.  Still, I don't know that there is any way on this Earth we could make this misery any less miserable.  I've done this flight 6 times--solo, with Min Gi, with cat(s)--and it's barely survivable for adults.

Fortunately, this parenting anxiety is enough to distract me from the other aspect of this trip that should terrify me--leaving our newly purchased townhouse (with cats) for 6 weeks!  I'm not too worried about this, though.  A lovely young lady (who I met through the new hotline I work with in our area) will be house- and cat-sitting.

I just keep having the vision of Jeongmin trying to fall asleep today, gripping my hair tightly on either side of my head, pulling my face towards his open jaws of death, squealing with delight as he chomped down on my nose so hard he might have drawn blood...

Perhaps the plane will not revive Zombie Baby... but I'm pretty sure it will just increase his need for brains (aka my nose).

We'll let you know if we come out alive on the other end... otherwise look for the international news story of the flight crew/passengers that escaped prosecution because their mob-attack murder of the three of us was deemed justifiable in all three countries we traveled through...

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  1. Good luck! Whatever happens, you're making memories ... :)



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