Sunday, October 28, 2012


Having an almost-one-year old is about 6 times the fun of a newborn.  It is also exhausting, what with the speed-crawling and the cruising and the finger foods.  But what's really fun is communication beyond the crying.

He says three words that he actually understands--"Appa" (Korean for Dad), "Mama" (meaning both Mom, in English, and Food, in Korean--understandably related for a breastfed child of a working mom), and now (the biggest accomplishment) "Dah" (for "Dog").  He even misapplied the label of dog to our cats.  It's so fun to watch him generalize the concept of furry, fun, four-legged creature who lives in the house with us.

But more than that, he really communicates.  A couple months ago, he learned that waving means good bye and hello.  Shortly thereafter, he used his arms stretched out with a little cry to indicate that he wants to be picked up.  He's figured out clapping and that head-shaking goes with "no" and that we say "no" a lot when he grabs the glasses off our faces (which now gives us a warning that he's about to go for the glasses, because he'll start the head-shake before he grabs... haha!).  He gets his grandma to do funny things by being cute in special ways (screaming, putting his hands up, etc.).

Can't wait for more!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Warm up.

I miss writing.

Sometimes I think about posts I could write.  And then, mid-organization, J wakes up from his nap and takes my attention fully back to mommy-land.

In fact, I am only able to visit blog-land at the moment because my husband is watching the baby on a Sunday afternoon I have not managed to commit to cooking, sailing, friend-visiting, or grading.  It is rather shocking.

Amanda has convinced me to do NaNoWriMo.  I'm pretty sure I should warm up.

Consider this my warm up.

News update round:

--I LOVE my job.  I have fallen in love with teaching again.  I have the absolute best kids and fellow English teachers ever.  I am insanely busy with it and having trouble with time management being both a teacher and a mom, but I'm figuring it out with lots and lots of support from Min Gi.
--J is 10.5 months.  It's hard to believe he is almost a year.  He's really cool.
--I am cooking a lot.  It's been a lot of work, but I'm really enjoying it.  And so are my family members who reap most of the tasty delicious benefits.  The other teachers envy my lunches.  I'm that awesome.
--I survived another flare up of ulcerative colitis.  This sucked, but we are all doing well.
--We are planning to spend a good bit of next summer in Korea.  I am wildly excited about this.  Hopefully I'll find affordable tickets.
--I am still working one shift a week at the hotline and helping with training.  Somehow this keeps me sane.
--Exercise is not as consistent as I'd like, but it's getting there.  I am within 8 lbs of pre-pregnancy weight.  That's pretty good.

So there we are.  Life's pretty good.  And I'm pretty sure J is about to wake up from a nap, so I'd better--


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