Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Days Like This...

All around us is blue.  Sky, water, clouds.  The tall ships have finished their voyage up the channel.  Min Gi naps on the side of the boat.  The wind whips through the sails.  Michelle and I are talking about something related to teaching or hiking or something.  Dad is sitting in the catbird seat, staring out onto the bay.

Jeongmin, nestled against my chest in the baby carrier, wakes up.  He looks up at me with the confusion of sleep still knotting his brow.  He smiles at the recognition.  Then the wind whistles through his hair and across his cheeks.  Shock.  Then, giggles.  Giggles and squirming.  And the rest of us giggle back.

I could stay like that for awhile.


  1. Days may feel so monotonous but they are never the same. Each day is unique on its own.



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