Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Year of the Dragon, Resolution!

I'm going to try a single resolution this year.  Of course, I always have numerous goals I'm working towards, but I would like one big fat goal that I achieve this year.  That goal is health through weight loss.

Currently, I weigh 215 lbs.  When I got pregnant, I was approximately 190 (high for me, mostly because of the depression) and when I checked into the hospital, I weighed in at 240, so I'd like to pretend that I've already lost 25 lbs, rather than think of it as a 50 lb gain.  This makes me feel good and like I can accomplish my weight loss.  My ultimate goal is to be under 70 kgs (154 lbs), but I have never weighed that little in my adult life, so I may have to adjust the goal as I approach it.  I have broken this into interim goals of being under 200 lbs (I would like to achieve this by the time I return to work in mid-February) and being under 180 lbs by the end of April when some of the Korean relatives will be visiting.  From there, I will re-assess the weight portion of my goal.

Really my goal is threefold:  1)  to be in a healthy weight range for my height, 2) to have eating habits that I would like my son to emulate, and 3) to build my activity level back up to a high level I used to enjoy before I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

The ways I plan to achieve this goal are as follows:

1)  I want to start doing meal planning.  Since one-month cooking sounds a little intimidating, I plan to start with once-a-week cooking.  This will help eliminate the random eating out that really should only be on special occasions.
2)  Make water my primary liquid.  I should not be drinking much else.  I may try quitting soda.  Right now, I'd rather focus on other things, but I am going to reach for a glass of water FIRST and then have something else if I still want it.
3)  Exercise in some fashion everyday.  I've noticed it has a huge impact on my mood when I go out in the stroller with the baby, even if I at first feel like I'm too tired or overwhelmed by my to-do list to bother.  Honestly, 20 minutes of walking is sometimes even better for me right now than a 20 minute nap or a 20 minute laundry session.  And it's good for the baby, too.
4)  Track my weight.  Possibly keep a food journal.  Whenever I do this consistently, I tend to lose or AT LEAST maintain.
5)  Observe and journal about my emotional relationship to food and focus on fullness/food cues.  I may share some of this on the blog, but a lot of it is very personal.  I may just note it in my offline journal.  But I think this is a key element of long-term weight loss that I sometimes don't put as much work into as I really should.

If I implement all of these things, but I don't quite hit my weight loss goal dates, I know that's ok because these habits are really the ones I need to become healthy.  Being a mom has really underscored the significance of health and of being a healthy role model.  I want to be able to chase after my little guy as he grows up and for him not to have to struggle with the emotional food issues I have dealt with in my life.  For him to learn this really well, I need to learn it better myself.

This is my resolution for 2012.  It is my only one.  I have other things I hope/plan to accomplish, but this is the one thing I will focus on this year.  I will keep you posted now and then.

Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck with your weight loss goal. For tracking food online and getting good calorie estimates, I like it's a free calorie counter and I find it really long as I can stick to writing in it everyday. (Sticking with tracking my food is definitely difficult for me.) There is also an app for phones to access it in addition to online. Also, I'm sorry to hear about the ulcerative colitis. :( I hope this year goes well for you and your baby. ^^

  2. Hi!

    I don't know when the last time was that I commented on your blog.
    I used to be terrible at eating healthy and found it really hard to do meal planning and stay on top of things. BUT I'm hypoglycemic and have had acid reflux for 15 years and got so tired and frustrated from the symptoms of them both.

    Another problem I have is that I detest left overs but obviously time constraints mean that one needs to make extra to save your sanity. One thing that has worked really well for me/us is cooking, one really tasty thing that other fresh stuff can be added to. For example, marinated chicken that is a pain the ass to get organized on time, but with extra chicken left over, I can then have a sandwich for lunch and make a tasty sauce for veggies - with extra sauce for the next day. It sounds obvious but for me has made cooking so much more enjoyable and healthy because I'm not fretting about all new things to come up with for meals.

    Again, perhaps not the most insightful information, but it's a nice starting point.

  3. Diana, please join My Fitness Pal. Be my friend there and track your food and exercise with me!

    I joined at the end of the summer and have lost 10ish pounds, more or less depending on the day! I've slacked off on logging my food for a while because it started making me a little nutty, but I want to get back in the swing of it. Having a new buddy will help me get my second wind :)

    Don't be too hard on yourself while you are breastfeeding. It does help many women drop weight like crazy, but it causes others' bodies to refuse to budge after a certain point. That's what happened with me.

    I was about 148 when I got pregnant, gave birth at 180ish, dropped almost immediately to 165, and got stuck there seemingly forever. I then slipped to 157 without even trying after I finishing BFing and plateaued for months. I'm down to 147ish now with MFP. I'd like to get to 140 this year.

    The sad thing is I honestly think I am the exact same size at 147 as 157. I really need to do toning exercises, and that is *so* not my thing :/



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