Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project 30, Derailed. Health Goals.

Well, naturally, the day after I turned 30, I found out I was pregnant.  Which is great.  But losing 30lbs and dropping $30,000 debt?  Not going to happen this year.  Try gaining 30lbs and adding debt from a recent, significant purchase (to-be-blogged-next, along with a re-assessment of my financial goals).

My health goals have changed temporarily to focus on improving health for optimal health of the child and in preparation of delivery.  I tried to do this before I went on vacation last month, but I should have known that was a doomed-to-fail endeavor since I was in transitional mode.  However, I moved last week to a new place and am pretty settled into a routine with my new job/location.  Sure, that will all be uprooted in four months when I have an infant, but for now I'm in a good place to work on some goal-setting.

So, then, health goals for August:

1.  Exercise:  4-5 days/week, building up to about 60 minutes per session by the end of the month.

Last week, I joined a local gym with a pool and set a goal of swimming 4 times/week.  I met that goal and am continuing it, while building up the number of laps I swim each session.  I started out swimming 20 laps in 20 minutes (do NOT mock the slowness... I am coming back from months and months of lack of regular exercise).  I'm up to about 40 minutes and 40ish laps each time.  I would like to achieve swimming 50ish laps in 45 minutes each session by the end of the month and add in 2-3 days/week of also using the elliptical (either before the pool or on another day) for about 15 minutes at a time.  I am working up to this slowly and building my strength/endurance right now.

The results?  It's amazing!  I'm having almost no pregnancy-related pains now (some aches from muscle building, but nothing like the back/leg cramping I was having the last couple weeks before the move that kind of killed the walking routine I was trying to turn into a habit).  It's also helped the heartburn that was beginning (there is less of it) and has kept my weight gain a bit more reasonable.  I really like this pool and my hours make it easy to go at a time when there are very few people there who don't work there (between 10am and noon).  I have a ways to go as I build my time up this month, but I'm definitely on my way!

Also, I am tracking my daily exercise in a spreadsheet so can see the progress.  It's nice.

2.  Nutrition:  Stop eating out and cook at home, already!

Now that I've moved in, I need to get back into meal planning and bringing dinner with me to work instead of relying on fast food.  It's hard to do this because I'm adjusting to a whole new rhythm of life at home that contends with a lot more than just my and my husband's needs.  I've decided as a baby step, I'm going to allow myself to rely on frozen meals for work dinners.  I'll even let myself splurge on Amy's brand (the all-organic, unfortunately expensive one) because it's still better than stopping for Burger King or McDs on the way home or ordering pizza/Chinese at the hotline because I get a sudden craving.

The second part of my plan to cut back on fast food and dining out is to bring fruit with me every day to work.  Sometimes I don't want a whole meal, but I do need to bring healthy snacks.  Maybe yogurt, too.  That's probably a good idea.

So... the goal for this month then?  No more food from outside the home for just me.  Dates with the husband or pizza with my dad after sailing or lunch/coffee with a friend are ok, but those are not frequent events, really.  The daily drive thru habit I developed in conjunction with working?  That needs to go.  Like yesterday.

I did better with this today (since I decided on it today), but I need to make it a top health priority now, and I can only do this through good planning to break a bad habit.

I was going to put a third goal in there, but realized that two is probably good for a focused start.  I'll post more about how they are coming along during the month and review at the end of August as well as setting two new goals for myself.  Yay goals!


  1. Life is all about small adjustments. So it's great to see you have recreated your health goals. What do you think is the hardest thing so far?

  2. I am also trying to accomplish breaking the habit of getting fast food all the time at work - I slipped into it during the spring when I wanted an excuse to run an errand because it was nice outside. Good luck to both of us!



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