Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As most of you know by now, yesterday just before 2 p.m., DC (and much of the east coast) was rocked by a freak, nearly 6.0 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia.  The good news is that there has been very little damage reported.  Everyone's been sharing their stories of doom and gloom from their buildings shaking and fears of an apocalypse and all that.  So what's mine?

I'll tell you.


That's right.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

I didn't feel a damn thing when the big disaster quake of '11 went down because I had chosen that moment to hop in my car and drive to the gym for my daily laps in the pool.  I guess when you're driving 40-50 mph, some mild ground rumbling just doesn't even register in your frame of reference.  When I got to the gym, everyone was freaking out and watching CNN where the story had just begun unfolding.  I asked what happened and a girl in the locker room who had been lifting weights said that a few minutes earlier, the whole building and all the gym equipment was shaking and felt like it went on for a full minute.

I was concerned initially that bad things had happened (after all, that's a pretty significant natural disaster), but as the reports that no casualties had occurred and few buildings had reported any damage, my disappointment at having missed the whole shebang set in.

I swam a half-mile (which did not feel nearly as satisfying as usual) and returned to my car to 13 (yes, 13) missed calls from my husband who had been pretty freaked out that I'd been unavailable in the hour following the event.  My sister had also sent a panicked text message.

But, of course, everything was fine.  Life resumed normalcy.  It was like the whole thing never happened.

Except for me, I don't even get the memory of the thing.

Is this what they mean when they say that sometimes history just passes us right on by?

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  1. And then I freaked out from Detroit and got you to get my husband on the phone so I knew he was OK. Thanks. :D



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