Monday, July 18, 2011

Overwhelmed? Just start...

Ok, so I really am ready to begin again with this blogging thing, but I'm having some troubles because I'm overwhelmed with where to begin, how on earth to play catch-up to my satisfaction, and the urgent desire to make whatever I'm posting extremely worthy of reading to those of you who have been waiting for my return (you know... all five of you, including Mom and Dad).

And I guess instead of worrying about all of the blogging "tasks" I want to do, I should just start by posting an honest admission that I am overwhelmed.  And then... to just begin.

So here I am.  Hello.  Welcome back, Diana.

I watched the final Harry Potter film today and wept like a little baby from about the point of Snape's remembrances to the end.  'Cause I'm an emotional slob like that.

I will not promise mind-blowing posting of epic proportions because I'm just going to try a little experiment for now.  I'm going to write something here.  Everyday.  Even if I think it is stupid.  Hopefully I will eventually have some stuff up and going again that is NOT stupid.

I'll share today that last night, I felt the first really good kick from Peanut.  I'm about halfway through the pregnancy and that flipping, weirdo feeling in my abdomen just made the whole thing Real.  Which is very exciting.  Scary, as I've said before, but I'm now much more positive and excited about the whole thing.  Especially since all the job stuff is worked out (for me... Min Gi is a whole other story), and I'm pretty settled into my new position.  I'm also moving in a week.  I will explain more on that, I promise, but that's in that category of Overwhelming that I'm currently avoiding.

So for now, I will go back to my homemade pizza dough that is rising (yes, I make my own pizza dough now... see?  A lot has happened since I've been a non-presence in my blog own world), and to the episodes of SYTYCD in my Hulu queue (yes, I still am madly in love with that show), and think about the fact that I MIGHT know Peanut's gender by this time tomorrow.

How are all of you?


  1. Hello. Welcome back. And. Even if you write incredibly pointless posts, I'm still going to read it. So, +1 ... you have 6 readers.

    Have you heard about the gender reveal parties? I'm sorta in love with this new trend, and I've been sharing it with all my friends who are expecting. Your doctor writes the gender on a paper. You go to a bakery. They make the cake as gender neutral on the outside, and the filling or the cake color is pink or blue. Then you bring your family together, and you all find out together. And then gorge yourself on cake. Go to Youtube and look for 'gender reveal.'

  2. Good. I need something to read while I do my arm stretches 4 times a day.

  3. Hooray, I missed your blog!

    One of my friends had a baby this year. We called the baby Papaya. I love that you're calling yours Peanut.



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