Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a...


This sonogram was by far the coolest thing I've experienced so far with my health care during pregnancy.  Not only did we find out the gender, but the technician walked us through how the anatomy was developing and we got lots and lots of pictures (including some 3-D) of the little fella in utero.  He looks like a tiny old man--all crinkly and bald with his eyes all squinty.

But it was all good news.  Everything looks healthy and normal.  He's an active guy, squirming around a bunch and licking his arm and crossing and uncrossing his legs and whatnot.  But they could see the developing heart and bones and kidneys and brain and everything.  He weighs about 14 oz right now and they adjusted my due date to November 30 based on the measurements from today.  They also checked my cervix length (longer is better and mine's well above average).

Min Gi was super excited about the whole thing.  He loved watching the baby move around and seeing the different angles.  When I get to a scanner, I'll share some with you guys, but for now, I'm just spreading the news.  Welcome to our baby boy.


  1. Yay! That's great! Boys are fantastic. I love mine to bits :)

  2. I thought Min Gi didn't want to know the gender? What changed his mind?

  3. Gwen-- Yours is adorable. Mine looks like a little squashed up old man. However, I still think he's grand!

    Amanda-- A few weeks ago, Min Gi changed his mind because he decided it was good to know as much about the baby as he could. And while two days ago he said he wanted a girl (because he and his brother have no sister), now he's like "Boys are better! Oh YEAH!" He's so weird.

  4. Mine alternated between looking like an old man, an alien and a frog until he was about 2 months old.

    It's funny how whatever gender one is having suddenly becomes the best. Babies are awesome like that :)



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