Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming Full Circle...

Last night, Min Gi and I went to the annual New Year's Eve party hosted by my high school friends.  We both had a wonderful time.  This week has also brought many opportunities to catch up with friends I haven't seen for four years (they were visiting their families for the holidays).  Min Gi got to meet (and impress) the people who have been close to me during the hell that was high school.  Seeing them has given me a huge boost of joy at life in America.  I always knew that the hardest part of living in Korea was being away from friends and family, but I really needed the reminder of how many soul-fulfilling relationships I still have back here.

However, it also made me see how I really have moved into a new place.  As I move into my 30th year of life (Korean age 31... haha) and the start of my second year of marriage, I see that my story has moved into a new chapter--one that is no longer about just me and defining myself, but about my family.  And that family is Min Gi and I.  Home is not a place--home is now a person.  And that's lovely.


  1. Just wishing you a Happy and Successful New Year :) I really like your 30 plan :) and i am hoping it inspires me some progress too :)

  2. I read your post on 12/20 about your hiatus plans so I hadn't visited your blog until today (I usually visit daily) and wow, you've posted quite a bit since! Glad your hiatus was short.

    I'm older than you by a decade and a half so I don't have a 30 plan but am finally working on getting healthier. Intellectually, like you, I knew what to do, I just didn't do them. Now, I'm upping my activity level on every day stuff like parking on the highest floor of the parking structure and walking up/down the stairs to/from my car. That's helped tremendously. I also have an application on my iPhone which helps me track calories consumed (basically a food journal) and amazingly, everyone was right, it completely helps me consume less! I've also given up on diet coke (was addicted to 1 can/day for 2 years) since about 6 months ago! I wish you much success (I've lost about 15 lbs in one year which is the pace I'm liking).

    Luckily, I don't have the financial stress that you do but I do have phenomenal level of work stress (financial success is at this price). So, I've also recently picked up yoga. I thought I would hate it because it would be too slow and boring but I love it!

    Anyway, I truly wish you much success in your new goals.



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