Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goryeong Picnic with Min Gi's Family

Ohmma, me, Min Gi, In Shil, Min Su at a mountaintop shelter.

A few weeks ago (June 13, I believe), Min Gi's brother drove all of us out to the small town just west of Daegu called Goryeong, known for being an important district called Daegaya during the three-kingdom period of Korean history.

We visited a pretty park with a man made waterfall and suspension bridge.

In Shil made a delightful picnic lunch (almost all vegetarian, in special honor of me... how sweet). We played racquetball and watched the children run around in the sprinklers. Later, we hiked up to the top of the waterfall, which was quite a feat for Ohmma, but she was sporting about the whole thing.

Jumping on the bridge, terrifying my husband, as his brother snaps a picture.

After that, we were quite tired, but we drove to a Daegaya theme park. We watched a martial arts dance show and learned about some different cultural elements of Daegaya. I would rather have visited the actual tombs up the road, but it was a pleasant afternoon.

See the rest of the photos:

Goryeong Picnic

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