Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jeollanam-do Part 1: Boseong Green Tea Fields

Min Gi and I hiking up the mountain of green tea bushes in Boseong

Min Gi and I ventured out to Jeollanam-do for the first weekend in May with the promise of a green tea festival in Boseong and some other interesting tourist stops. While we had originally planned to spend a full two days exploring the province, Min Gi's back spasmed overnight (the one that landed him in the hospital two days later), so we came home early on Sunday.

Green Tea Ice Cream: True Love.

First stop: Boseong Tea Festival (interesting although somewhat disappointing for a Korean festival--the "performances" were mostly karaoke by local people and the demonstrations other than the sorting tea leaf one--which was too expensive at 10,000won, though it did include the tea you sorted as a parting gift--were rather lackluster and too crowded) and the nearby tea fields on a large plantation (much less disappointing and the snack shop offered green tea ice cream, among other goodies).

The cedar trees on the plantation were striking and lovely.

Although I'll write next time about Part 2: Daewonsa and the Tibetan Museum, you can check out the full album from our trip here:


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