Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Immigration Update

You can read about our immigration journey thus far here and here.

Min Gi just called me from Seoul where he turned in the blue form and my dad's I-864 (the Affidavit of Support) form, W-2s and tax papers for the last three years along with a birth certificate and passport copy for proof of dad's U.S. citizenship (I didn't go with him this time). The ladies at the embassy said that barring anything crazy, Min Gi should get the visa some time next week.

With less than two months until my departure date and less than three months until his, this is a big relief. When the papers arrive, we will bust open the nice Australian bottle of wine we got as a wedding present from Sarah. An occasion well worth the celebrating.


  1. GAH!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! Don't drink the wine!!! It won't be as good as it should be in a year from your wedding date!!!! *pouts*

  2. Won't fit in the suitcase, hon. Sorry.



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