Monday, May 3, 2010

Today did not go as I planned.

This morning, I thought I would go to school, have an easy day of watching my students take midterm exams, and then join my co-workers for a pleasant spring hike at Biseulsan. But that's not what fate had in store for me.

Well, the backache that Min Gi had on Sunday morning turned into a full-blown, crippling spasm that left him unable to move (or stand or sit or lie down for that matter) without excruciating pain. So I spent most of this afternoon and early evening watching my husband curled up in pain in a hospital waiting room (sometimes massaging his aching back to relieve some of the pain) while sick old people watched us wondering what the hell was the deal with the white girl and the young, doubled over Korean guy. The nurses played rock paper scissors so the loser would have to stammer progress updates at me in English (um... did the fact that I responded to you in Korean clue you in that it might be ok to talk to me in Korean?). So, yeah... that was fun.

He seems to be doing better now (mostly thanks to deep breathing and NOT to the hospital's refusal to dispense pain meds, despite the CT scan and x-ray showing that there is no apparent problem in his back so the doctor prescribed "rest" which one cannot get if they are unable to sleep due to the extreme pain). His brother drove me home and took some of his things back to the hospital.

I thought I might assuage my anger at the Korean medical community by watching Michael Moore's Sicko, but instead now I'm just mad at both America and Korea.

When I stop being mad at everyone and everything, I will post about the fabulous road trip we took to Jeollanam-do this weekend. It just might take a few days to cool off... In the meantime, I apologize for my negativity.

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