Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Visiting Ben; Ko Kret Pottery Village

Our friend and my first swing dance teacher, Ben, lives in Bangkok. The first night we arrived, Ben met us at the hotel and showed us around a bit by taking us to an amazing Thai seafood restaurant. We sat right on the river and ate delicious curry as we caught up on Ben's life since we'd last seen him at the wedding.

Dinner with Ben. We made his girlfriend wait too long and she went home before we met her--oops!

Ben recommended a day trip to the small traditional pottery island, Ko Kret, which was just a little north of Bangkok proper and accessible from the main river. Although we had wanted to find an independent boat to take us there so we could explore at our leisure, we were only able to find a group tour boat. It was ok because we got to see a number of small temples and some interesting scenes along the river, but we only had one hour to explore the island of Ko Kret itself and both Min Gi and I felt like that wasn't really enough time.

One of the royal longboats housed in the Royal Boats Museum

A pottery artist works on Ko Kret.

Typical family home along the river running through Bangkok. This one is pink! Yay, pink!

Ko Kret Tour and One Night in Bangkok

And so I have arrived at the end of our honeymoon travels. It was an amazing two weeks, through two beautiful countries. We ate a ton of awesome food and saw lots of cool stuff and even came back with matching tattoos. I think we're going to do this honeymoon thing every year!

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