Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Weather... finally (Sunday Health #4)

Happy Easter (in of course an entirely secular chocolate-hoarding bunny rabbit kind of way--or a Christian way if you dig that)!

Well after recovering from my cold last week, I'm starting to get back into my good habits. I'm down another kilo, putting me at 79 (that's about 174 lbs), which I'm very happy with. Especially because I had a really bad day on Thursday health wise (skipping taekwondo to stay home an order a pan pizza and drink Coke Zero... not smart).

However, I think that it will just get easier to maintain my good health habits now that the weather in Korea is starting to resemble spring. It's been so cold throughout all of March (with a snowstorm to kick off the month) and raining a lot in the last two weeks, but the last few days have been bright and sunny. Still a bit chilly, but the flowers are starting to bloom on the trees and we've been able to open up the windows during the day, which the kitties love.

What's amazing about this whole focus on the important things only that I've been doing lately, I've been really productive with my writing, reading, and teaching. You may have noticed my blogging productivity increasing (including beginning a new blog), but I've also been polishing old stories and sending them out to various publications as well as taking on some new writing projects that I will announce on this blog when they near completion. Anyhow, it feels really good. I just decided that rather than talk and dream about being a writer, I've got to just do it. And so, I am! It's awesome.

I'm going to continue to focus on all my health habits established so far and add one new one (because Min Gi got me a pedometer for my birthday two weeks ago). Let me re-state the goals/habits I'm establishing so far:

1) Giving up soda and replacing it with a cup or two of green tea in the morning
2) Eating food outside the home rarely
3) Resuming nightly taekwondo
4) Tracking my weight weekly
5) Keep a food journal
6) eat mindfully
7) Getting enough sleep every night
8) Spend as much time as possible pursuing my five passions and cutting out everything else
9) Clean, organize, and trim my possessions down to less STUFF getting in the way
10) (New one) Get at least 8,000 steps in every day (my average this week was about 7,000, so this seems reasonable)

Slowly, these things are becoming habits. When they become regular parts of my week, I will add more. It's definitely improving my energy levels. And I've had no problems with the UC. Rock on, Diana!

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  1. Very nice! You're inspiring me to stop procrastinating in my "change one habit a week" goal I've had for awhile.



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