Sunday, April 18, 2010

Korea's Suicide Rate: It still makes me sad...

The Washington Post covered Choi Jin-young's suicide.

I have an idea about mental health outreach in South Korea that I plan to work on gathering resources and support for when I return to the U.S.--hopefully when I return to Korea (in like five or so years), I will be able to enact it.

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  1. just a thought: well maybe Koreans or those people who took their lives didnt find the center of their "being" here. I mean, yes they were alive, breathing with good views of a well-developed country but they cant find their reason/s to live, their purpose that could drive them to live and face all circumstances whether its bad, worst or just. That's why they had difficulties handling one "bad" event, pressure or stress :(
    its just a maybe :(



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