Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Reads from the Blogging World This Week #2

I loved I'm no Picasso's posts on her likes and dislikes of dating in Korea. It's clever, honest, and astute observations about an aspect of Korean culture particularly dear to my heart.

In Investigated by Immigration over newspaper involvement... , Brian in Jeollanam-do depicted a legal pickle he ended up in with Korean immigration because one reporter took offense to his writing. It is a fine reminder to bloggers who are in Korea (or anywhere, really) of the dangers that could come from speaking your mind. I think people should still speak out, but just be ready to deal with the consequences of doing so.

Amanda blogs on Amanda Takes Off... some poignant reflections on continuing to study taekwondo after getting your black belt. In her post, Continuing Taekwondo, she talks about how children and those who don't have the black belts yet seem to care the most about rank, but that getting a black belt is just the beginning for a martial artist.

Korean gender studies blogger The Grand Narrative examines sexual assault in the Korean military (mandatory 2+ year service for all Korean men) in Sex as Power in the South Korean Military. In a country where rape is consistently under reported because of the shame victims will bring their families, it is no surprise that few men admit to being victims of sexual violence, though many report witnessing it against others.

In non-Korea related blogging, my absolute favorite personal finance blogger, Trent of The Simple Dollar, writes about self-improvement and the amount of control we have over our own lives being much greater than we perceive in Personal Finance and the Path of Least Resistance. He is specifically not addressing people in countries without freedom or people who are truly impoverished, but the majority of middle class individuals from OECD countries do have choices. I would further state that they have a responsibility to the rest of the world to make good ones.

Finally, I am a teacher-dork, so I want to share with you the fact that for my gifted literature class this year, we are reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road and keeping a blog about it. You can't post if you're not in the class, but if you'd like to see how my teaching experiment in technology is progressing, feel free to check it out: Gifted Class The Road Blog.

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  1. Thanks for the link. In addition to "the dangers that could come from speaking your mind" it's also about the limitations on E-2 visa holders, and people ready to exploit those limitations. It can limit papers or magazines for publishing anything considered too controversial, because E-2 visa holders won't want to get called into immigration because somebody took offense and thinks it out of bounds.



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