Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting out of my funk.

Yeah. Yesterday was the end of a five-day-long bout of major second-guessing. Sorry I dragged you all into it.

I had a really good talk with Min Gi last night about all of these weird back and forth feelings. He's completely supportive of either decision and also really flexible and understanding (like if we hate it in America, or can't find a job, we'll just enjoy some time there and live with my folks for a bit and make plans to come back to Korea earlier than anticipated). Just hearing him say that made me realize that we're going to be ok. The things I'm worried about (finding a job, health care issues, readjusting, cost of living), while certainly not trivial, are all things I know we can deal with if they turn out badly. Furthermore delaying moving to DC for one more year will not lessen any of those anxieties (even if the teaching job market does improve, I'll still worry about finding a good job), but it might make me feel like I'm just stagnating here in Korea (a feeling I had more than once this year, so it is almost certainly the right time to leave).

Funny thing is, I had these same exact feelings when I was preparing to leave to go to Korea. I loved my life in America, my job, my hobbies, and my friends, but there was something I wanted more than that. It's the same now. I love my life in Korea, but I need to return to America for personal and professional reasons. Min Gi is at the right point in his professional and personal life to live abroad. Delaying will just end up making it harder.

Having reaffirmed my decision, my students then promptly tried to make me regret by being awesome (Aren't you insanely jealous I get to teach these kids?). It's gonna be a rough couple of months saying goodbye to Korea... but I'm ready to do it now.

Especially after it snowed--SNOWED!!!--tonight in April. Yeah, I can do without that for a bit.

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  1. What? It snowed? Where? I didn't see any snow!



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