Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday!

My birthday present to myself was to purchase a domain server for my blog. Please update your blogrolls/bookmarks/subscriptions to reflect the new address: http://www.going-places-blog.com/

I also got:
1) A check long owed me from the State of Maryland for unclaimed property.
2) A pretty earring/necklace set from Min Gi.
3) A pedometer (I had asked for one) from Min Gi.
4) Two pairs of stockings from Ms. Lim.
5) Vietnamese coffee filter from William.
6) Information about a possible job lead that would be very, very exciting for me.
7) A bajillion facebook "Happy Birthday" wishes (thanks guys).
8) A twitter account.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Hey Diana! Did you get my happy birthday message via text? I'm wondering if I have your right # since I've sent you a couple messages but haven't heard back from you!

  2. Haha... I lost my phone when I got back from the honeymoon and have been having trouble with the replacement phone holding a charge. Min Gi seems to have fixed it now, but the last two weeks, I have not consistently had a phone.

  3. What's your new twitter account?

  4. Kelsey--I see you found me.

    And everyone else, thanks!



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