Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Wedding Ceremony

Yes, I realize this is more than two months after the fact. Sorry.

Our swing dance club, Asurajang (아수라장--it means "messy place" in Korean), was the site of our ceremony and buffet. The lighting is just awful, but our friend Juno managed a few decent photos:

Of course, the photo session at the nearby Buddhist Temple during the day by our friend Julian turned out much better.

We had a 25-minute, completely bilingual/bicultural ceremony. Our Aussie friend Leah and Korean friend Hayoung serving as bilingual MCs. The ceremony consisted of a dance performance by my sister to Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love", a speech from each of our younger brothers that left us a bit weepy, a bowing ceremony to my parents and Min Gi's mother and cousin (the oldest male relative), reading our vows (written by me, translated by Ju-ick) to each other in Korean and English, and then a dance performance from Min Gi and I to "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday," choreographed by our friend Gong-Bi.

After the Korean buffet dinner (which was cheaper catered at the club than a less yummy meal would have been at a wedding hall), there was a swing dance party on one floor, and drinking/toasting relatives on the buffet floor. Min Gi and I only lasted until about 10 p.m., but good times were had by all.

We got to share our day with so many friends and family members that although it seemed over so quickly (compared to the amount of time we spent planning), it remains forever in our memories and hearts. I cannot thank our guests, family, and friends enough--who all supported us in various ways, from assisting with the decorations to taking pictures, gratis, to showing my family around Daegu and Seoul. I'm still all misty and emotional just thinking about it.


  1. So happy that it was so memorable for you both! Congrats again!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time. What a great venue for a wedding! Congrats and I wish you years and years of happiness.

  3. I love the convertible hanbok dress. Very cool!

  4. Don't forget us traveler's who came from Thailand and Australia just for the occasion!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Helena--Actually, it's a swing dress I had made in Vietnam when I went there with a handmade raw silk hanbok jacket I purchased at Seomun Market.

    And, Sarah, of course I'm including travelers in my guests... You from Oz, Ben from Thailand, Anne from Chicago, and people from within Korea... It's awesome you all got to be there!

  6. It was a wedding like no other - truly memorable. Very enjoyable. And we learned how very kind and gracious Koreans are as they lent us cars (for Min Gi to drive), hosted us at luncheons and dinner, took us shopping, and temple- and city-watching, and generally shared their wonderful country with us. Thank you for doing it your way!


  7. Yup... Koreans rock. Especially my in-laws.

  8. Just read some parts of your blog!
    I wish you all the happines in the world.
    I hope to one day find my other half ^^



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