Thursday, March 25, 2010

Visiting Pohang with the In-Laws

Look at my snazzy new facebook and tweet buttons. Yay! Anyhow, on with my story...

On Sunday, the weather was cold and windy, but quite beautiful. Min Gi and I joined his family and went out to Pohang, a small seaside industrial town.

We ate giant crabs (대게). Expensive (what you see here was 150,000 won for the five of us), but very delicious.

Then we drove to the easternmost point on the Korean peninsula, Homigot (호미곶), where a giant hand sticks out of the sea and another out of the plaza near the lighthouse.

I will defeat you, giant sea-hand!


Then, Min Gi and I went hiking on Waryong, a small mountain park behind our apartment building. (I also forgot my camera, so all of these were taken on his phone camera... ha!)

Enjoying the view.



  1. Shiny new site! It sounds like you had a nice time out on the coast, and I'm really glad that you had the chance to visit Waryong. I remember you mentioned wanting to do more mountain hiking in one of your earlier posts ...

    For what it's worth Pohang is also home to the Pohang Steelers, who are the current football (soccer) champions of Asia. ;)

    Out of curiosity, do you have an account through me2day?

  2. I recently found out that an old friend is living in Pohang now. I need to try to get ahold of her.

    Whoa. Amazing crab.

  3. Paul--no account there. I didn't know Pohang were the current champs. GO 경상북도!


    They were so delicious... it just melted in your mouth. And we got to pick them out while they were still clawing all over each other. So good.

  4. Hehe, I love the pictures of the giant hand!



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