Tuesday, March 2, 2010

한국어 화요일 (Korean Tuesday)

Note: I am not giving this to a Korean speaker before publishing it on my blog.

신혼여행할때 여보와 한국어 가끔 말했다. 요즘, 저는 연습 못해서 제 한국어 진짜 나쁘다 (여러분 보일수있다). 하지만, 한국어말하기 아주 재미있고 한국사람과 결혼했기 때문에 중요하다. 그래서, 지금 우리집에서 화요일에는 한국어만 사용하다.

What I was trying to say: While Min Gi and I were on our honeymoon, we sometimes spoke Korean. These days, I don't practice, so my Korean is very bad (You all can see). But, speaking Korean is fun and, because I am married to a Korean person, important. So, now in our house we use only Korean on Tuesdays.


I will also be trying to write a bit of my Tuesday blog in Korean, to keep in the spirit of studying. I keep another study notebook and journal for practice because I really don't need to prove to the world what a complete failure I am at learning languages. However, I will try to be brave and publish some small pieces on Tuesdays.

I'm quite rusty, so please have some patience with me. Min Gi is very patient, which helps. He wants to have a penalty for speaking in English on Tuesday, but he hasn't decided what that penalty will be (oh no!). So far today, we've both forgotten twice, but then we go back to speaking in Korean--so no penalties thus far. It is working as an inspiration for studying. I'm making some flashcards tonight!

Tonight I also return to my old TKD studio, An Il. The commute is ridiculous (like an hour subway, and 15 min walking on each end), but I've come to realize that I just enjoy Sa Beom Nim as an instructor and value my relationship with him and his wife and kids too much not to spend some time with them my last six months here. I will use the time on the subway to keep up with my reading goals and, hopefully, earn my second degree belt before I leave.

As for honeymoon (and more wedding--yes, I'm really late on those) pictures and posts, they're coming! I've started the process of combing through my 1500 photos from the last two weeks. Today was the first day back at school (both chaotic and easy and I don't want to blog about it at all), so I'm back in a normal schedule which should allow me to make better progress on all my current goals. However, I'm also losing my house husband as Min Gi is going back to work later this week or early next week. My dishes will be a bit less sparkling and my lunch breaks substantially less amusing, but there will be a bit more money for the new laptop he needs to buy (his old one is pretty much dead) and saving for the big move in August.


  1. keep posting about Korean Tuesdays... I've often thought of doing something like this with my boyfriend... because I really need it, and there's no excuse.... but I'm soooo lazy... if it works for you, maybe I'll try it too....

  2. I will. Min Gi wants to start a trend with all international couples in Korea to speak only Korean on Tuesdays. :)

  3. This is a really good idea! I need to get back into my study routine. Ughhh

  4. 좋은 생각이에요! 저도 연습 해야돼요. 그런데 남편이 한국 사람 아니라서 따른 방법을 찾아봐야할거에요.

    Speaking of which, do you happen to have any Korean friends who blog? I've been looking for some blogs that I could practice reading and commenting on. Preferably something with lots of pictures. (Heh.)

    The word verification says "bless."

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  6. Hi Diana,
    Good luck learning Korean. I think there's really no better way to learn a language than with a spouse from that nationality :)

    I'd love to feature you as a blogger on www.pinkpangea.com - a site where women travelers exchange travel advice with the experts–other women travelers.

    Send a picture of yourself in Korea and related insights to rachel@pinkpangea.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



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