Saturday, January 16, 2010

63 Building in the Snow.

In Seoul, my best friend from high school Anne who visited back in March, met us at the train station. 고모 (Gomo) and Cousin's Husband (who had been our guides around Sangju) met us in Seoul with a large passenger van to transport us all around the city. We all stayed in the President Hotel because another of Min Gi's cousin works as a chef at the western restaurant there. It was pretty nice, but overpriced if we hadn't gotten a huge family discount.

Everyone was exhausted from the snow travel, so they all took naps, but Anne and I had energy, so we decided to go find the 63 Building on Yeoido, an island in the middle of the Han River that runs through the middle of Seoul.

The very tall 63 building.

Inside, we got tickets for three exciting exhibits:

The Aquarium (Later I ate him for dinner).

The Wax Museum, featuring Salvador Dali and a scary haunted house where one of the workers followed us around in a Gorilla costume.

And the top deck where we viewed beautiful city snowscapes, such as this one and then night views as the sun set.

To check out the rest of the photos from our wacky adventures, look at the album:

63 Building

After coming back, some family members were getting ill, so Gomo and Cousin's Husband took Anne, Min Gi, Dad, and I out to an octopus restaurant. We watched a live octopus get dropped in a pot of boiling water and then ate it. It was delicious and mildly disturbing, and I really wish I'd taken a video.


  1. I've been to the aquarium there. Very cool!

  2. Are those flowers in his mustache?

  3. Hi Diana,

    Regina here, for

    I would like to personally invite you to list your blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory ( so that other women can read about and learn from your expat experiences.

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  4. I can't get over how amazing your photo of the 63 Building looks! :)



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