Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Kinda Sucked... 2010 Is Looking Up.

Mostly due to health issues, I only half accomplished my goals for this year. I did get my Master's. I do eat healthier. I would be out of consumer debt if I wasn't getting married, hadn't already paid for the honeymoon tickets, and hadn't had to visit the hospital in October. However, I'm much closer to being debt-free than I was last year, even with those expenses. The other goals have had progress made, some more, some less.

This year, I have a lot on my plate, so I'm keeping it pretty simple.

1. Obtain proper visa so that Min Gi and I can move back to America in August/September.
2. Get a decent job in America.
3. Be consumer debt free and pay off the smallest of the three school loans (with the highest interest rate).
4. Health stuff: a) Get my strength back by training 3-6 days/week b) Get the second degree belt in taekwondo after returning to training full time in March c) Eat out 3 or fewer times per week (including ordering in) because I eat more vegetables and healthier food when I cook.
5. Raise at least $7,500 for the Kenyan NGO where Min Gi and I would like to volunteer in summer 2011.
6. Have an awesome first year of marriage (starting January 9)!

I have some other things I'd like to accomplish in my Korean language studies, dance, and my writing, but I think these are the best goals for me at this time.


  1. They sound like good goals! I hope you'll keep blogging too!

  2. Diana! It's your wedding day! I hope you have a wonderful and memorable day. Congratulations to you and your (very-soon-to-be) husband. I'm looking forward to reading all about it!

  3. Congrats on the wedding! I'm really happy for you.

    I realize that having a complete stranger say that is really odd, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Jamie, and I've been reading your blog for several months now. I'm in the process of getting the paperwork for my visa sorted out, and thought I should do some research on teaching over in Korea. I have to say, I really enjoy reading this blog.

    I wish you and Min Gi tons of happiness!

  4. Thanks Melissa, Rose, Jelly, and Jamie. :) I'm exhausted, but yes, I do plan to blog all about the wedding and the week leading up to it (family and friends visiting and whatnot). Getting caught up as I can!



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