Thursday, December 10, 2009

This changed my life.

It's going to be taken down soon, but watch it while you can.


  1. My life has been changed too. I was watching it, and my mom was like why is your mouth hanging open like that.

    The one with her, and Legacy was captivating too.

  2. The show is SO GOOD right now! I just caught up last night, and I'm so sad that there's only one week left. :(

  3. Dude, yeah. Ashleigh and Ryan--so sweet and so mega-hot-hot-hot (he also may be the only dancer on the show who was ever taller than Cat Deely!)... I am completely in love with Ellenore and Russell. Jakob is just out of this WORLD good, and Kathryn is just gorgeous to watch every single time she does anything.

    Honestly... I don't know who I would want to win!!! (Probably I'd vote for Ellenore or Russell... I just love 'em so). But based on talent/dance ability alone... Jakob. Sex appeal? Ryan. Grace and elegance? Kathryn. Likability and all around American sweetness? Ashleigh.

    Oh I can't decide!

    I was sad to see Legacy go, but I would have been equally heartbroken over ANY of the guys. I liked Mollee, but only in the last 2-3 episodes, so I was kinda ok with saying goodbye.

  4. I love, LOVE, love Russell. LOVE.

  5. Watching the season finale now. SUCH a good show. I wasn't into dance before I started watching SYTYCD. I've seen so much fantastic dance through it. =D



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