Friday, December 11, 2009

Like being in jail.

This weekend I'll be once again locked away for three days writing/proofreading/recording the entrance exam for my school. This is to prevent me making mucho dinero by selling it to potential test takers or hagwons (this happened a few years ago, which is why the rest of us must suffer no internet/cell phones for three days).

Last year it was three full days of the white foreigner's plight--to be constantly watched and commented on, but not interacted with; to be both never alone and yet very lonely and isolated. I can take this treatment for about 8 hours before shutting down completely...

This year, there are more people who will be with us than just our school's English teachers, so I anticipate this situation to be even more exaggerated. And while last year's vice principal was accommodating of my vegetarianism and very well organized, I don't know how the current VP will manage the weekend.

I'm hoping it will be ok.

Tell you in three days.


  1. While we didn't have a top secret entrance exam we did have interviews where the interviewers were kept secret until the day before, apparently for similar reasons.

    I am rather disappointed that none of our prospective students figured out that given the size of our department I would probably be one of the interviewers. Or maybe they're just totally honest.

  2. Thats really amazing. And test is only for your school ? its not national ? I can only say amazing again!



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