Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In less than a month...

...I'll be married! WIth that, my family's impending visit, and the closing of the school year (and all the winter camp scheduling madness), my to-do list is completely insane.

The good news? Today, having been off the prednisone for a few days, my doctor declared me officially in remission and wished me a happy wedding (he's been invited and may attend) and my next appointment is not for a whole month--woohoo!

I'm starting to feel back to my normal self energy-wise (although it's still disappointing to have lost so much of my athletic abilities and strength) and my face is a little less circular (although the depression and prednisone food cravings have caused a very minor weight gain, but I'm kicking that down as quick as I can; may not be the goal weight for the wedding, but certainly will be for the honeymoon... yay for beaches in Cambodia and Thailand!).

And now to bed so that I can get everything done!


  1. Sorry to hear about your (upcoming) hectic schedule, but congratulations on the wedding and returning to past energy levels!

  2. Congrats on remission and your upcoming wedding. Your days will definitely be getting more hectic but it is all worth it. I know that your wedding will be beautiful. I look forward to seeing photos!

  3. Try not to stress about the wedding. Avoid Bridezilla reruns.
    It's really just a chance for the folk who love you and him to wish you well as a couple.
    Glad you're in remission.



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