Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Our students voted to have uniforms next year. Normally Korean school uniforms (at the high school level) are super-cute three piece suits (skirts for the girls and slacks for the boys). However, our principal seemed to have decided to give students a choice between fugly and fuglier. All the teachers were making jokes about how the young men will look like ajosshis (middle aged Korean men) and the girls were very angry because the uniforms don't include skirts. Check out the "winter" options for yourself.

I'm a little sad for my kids because they so badly wanted something they could wear with pride to let other students know they belonged to one of the top two high schools in the city. Now they'll just look a little preppy. And rather frumpy.


  1. The maniquin with the 1 on it seems the less fugly. And I too feel for your students. These don't even look like uniforms. Just bad sweaters that everyone is forced to wear.

  2. it sad I kind of love the cardigans? For the women. I still can't jump on the male cardigan bandwagon.

  3. hey, what do you expect. Those are the options given to the principal by the company that offered the high kick back.

  4. Maybe I'm a terrible person with no fashion sense, but I don't think they're that bad. You could do a lot worse, put it that way. At least those uniforms have some color. One school in Suncheon has all green, another has a few different shades of brown and orange, and my old school was all blue.

    At my other school the students disliked their uniforms for two reasons: the dominant color was pink, and they were cut like Sailor Moon outfits.

  5. It's just... cardigans. Like that's it? Not the cute little suits so typical of Korean uniforms. The kids are going to wear these with jeans and sweatpants. (Some of the girls were actually crying because the uniforms didn't have skirts).

    I can tell they're disappointed. And the casual summer shirts (not pictured) look like Korean hiking jerseys. I just don't think this is what they had in mind when they voted in the uniforms.



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