Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creepy, Sad Coincidences.

Once, in university, I decided to watch the Catch-22 movie (finally, after worshipping the book for years). As I watched it, Joseph Heller died.

This morning, one of our first grade groups had prepared a presentation about Korean models who had made it internationally, including Daul Kim, who happened to commit suicide this morning. (Note that the Metropolitician has a great post up about the bullying that may or may not have contributed to her suicide; I personally have a HUGE problem with the way Korea blames net-bullying exclusively for the suicides of celebrities as it demonstrates their ignorance about how suicide works and the fact that it is often preventable)

Stuff like this creeps me out, even though I know it's completely coincidental.

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  1. Those are indeed unusual coincidences! Agreed on your point about internet bullies not being the only cause for suicides in Korea - though I have to admit that they can seem out of control at times.

    On the last day of my trip to Korea in 2002 I came across a bank display devoted to the life of Sohn Kee-chung. I had never heard of him before but was fascinated with the events surrounding his Olympic win. A year or two later I found out that he died the same night as my visit. :(



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