Monday, November 16, 2009

...and, apparently, mood swings.

I blogged last time about how I'm struggling with the vanity effects of prednisone and moonface (fat gained in the cheeks and neck). I think the psychological effects of this crappy med might be kicking in, as well.

No joke. I walk in to work today, and my boss who sits next to me looks at me, laughs, touches her cheeks (to indicate the enormous size of my own) and says, "These days you look so cute. Like a baby!" Then she laughs some more.

I nearly punched her in the face. See how she likes some "cute" black eyes.

1 comment:

  1. Heh heh,...then she'd look like a panda. Everyone knows they're the cutest things ev-AH!
    Sorry you're going through all that, Diana. I know (as I know you know) what it's like to take handfuls of pills everyday. Luckily, my prescriptions are mostly having some niiiiice calllllming effffects. Except my feet tend to swell sometimes. They looked like gaddamn hams on Sunday. And, I'm having the opposite effect in the ddong department as your disease, if you know what I mean. Some old lady should be showing up soon, shouting "Where's the POO?" (80's commercial reference ha ha ha - I'm OLD!)



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