Thursday, September 3, 2009

Something that helped my UC

After the last two months of travel and coping with this icky thing, I've discovered one thing that DEFINITELY helps with the energy issues--a daily multivitamin.

I don't know why this helps so much, when I eat a pretty balanced diet (lots of fruits and veggies), but my fatigue is pretty much gone when I remember to do it every day. If I don't, within three days it's back to an on-again, off-again routine with feeling weak and exhausted. Perhaps there have been some mild absorption issues that the extra "boost" from the pill is resolving. At any rate, I seem to be able to function at my usual high-energy level on 7ish hours of sleep again. Yay!

Armed with this new insight, I've resumed the taekwondo--happily and with few problems--four days per week (Tuesday nights my evening class prevents me from attending a class at a good time, so I decided that's my "rest day"). I'm going mostly at 6:30 now instead of 9:20. Even though it's harder to connect with the elementary kids than it was with the middle and high schoolers I trained with before, it seems to be ok. And one of the instructors has decided to give me private instruction on the nights when the kids are doing little kid things, like playing soccer or eating chicken instead of practicing. I've been sore from using long-neglected muscles, but I'm really happy.

I also have resumed MWF yoga in the mornings. The class has really filled up! When I was doing it in June, there were about 15-18 people, now there's pretty close to 25, which is almost too many for the aerobics studio. I'm still the only foreigner, so I still feel like a giant when looking in the mirror at all the petite, yoga-loving ajummas!

I'm still readjusting my diet, finding out what works and what doesn't. Something I ate in America gave me food poisoning and I seem to have been out of UC remission since then (very unfortunate), but I'm so glad I've found something to fight the fatigue. Seriously, the fatigue has been the worst part of this so far--even worse than the painful bowel movements and frequent urges. I hadn't even realized how much happier I am in my life when I'm active (I consider myself a relatively inactive person by nature), but seriously I have been missing all that kicking, stretching, hiking, and dancing I'd been doing up until about four months ago when, you'll pardon the aptness of this expression in regards to my particular disease, the shit hit the fan.

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