Monday, September 14, 2009


Min Gi and I hosted our housewarming party for some good friends on Sunday. We had about 20 people in all, but they came at staggered times and I, exhausted from a day of cooking vegetarian deliciousness (such as hummus and burritos), forgot to bust out my camera until almost the end of the shindig. I missed taking pics of the food when it was first ready, of many of our good friends who came out, and of the apartment's rooftop hangout in the beautiful afternoon sun.

Oh well.

Here are some of the loveliest people in Daegu:

James and Rick James and 복분자

Joey, amused by wife Leah's antics, strikes a pose.

Leah and Ju-ic, the best Aussie ('cause she's from Tasmania, where all the best Aussies live--ha!) and her favorite 언니.

The wildest, funnest, loudest Korean lady I've met (also smart--she owns her own business) and her American boyfriend.

Ji Min, with hubby James behind her at the HUGE buffet table (seriously, I'll be eating leftovers from this thing until the end of next week at least), and Kirsty, another lovely Aussie lady whose Korean hubby was in Paris (the lucky duck!).


  1. Dang! I guess I missed the memo that says all international couples must move to Daegu and hang out with Diana!!! Looks like so much fun. What a wonderful community you must have there!

  2. Ha ha! And I didn't even take pictures of the bar-owning American/Korean couple or the French/Korean engineers about to have their first kid. And other random cool international couples couldn't make it due to other obligations.

    I've been pretty lucky. Part of it is Min Gi--he's been friends with some of these couples for years. Others I've met through swing and Korean class.



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