Friday, July 3, 2009

YouTube and Talking to Birds

Well... I tried to include a small video of my kitties being silly onto YouTube for use in the blog when I was confronted by this evil message:

"본인확인제로 인해 한국 국가 설정시 동영상/댓글 업로드 기능을 자발적으로 비활성화합니다.
We have voluntarily disabled this functionality on because of the Korean real-name verification law."

Holy crap! You see last year, in response to the suicide of actress Choi Jin-sil, the South Korean government thought that cracking down on netizens ("net-citizens") who left cruel comments about her that supposedly pushed her over the edge would prevent suicide. (Because of course mean comments are the LEADING cause of suicide--not mental health problems and health care accessibility, no...). They thought people would be less inclined to be net bullies if they have to sign their real name to their comments. So they passed a real-name verification law.

Anyhow... I seem to be able to get around it by setting my location to "Worldwide" instead of "South Korea"

So I bring you Princess, talking to the birds:

Perhaps she is trying to learn Korean, and got confused...


  1. That real name verification thing/national ID thing is weird. Last year (before they passed this new law) when we were in Jejudo, Yahoo Korea wouldn't let me search for "sex museum jejudo" because I couldn't prove I was 18.

    No worries. Google let me do it.

    Korea, fail.

  2. The videos are pretty funny without sound. At least, they're funny if you spent all afternoon cutting open bees' heads and trying to take out small glands.

  3. I love these little videos. Seriously, what is she up to?


  4. Is that her normal meow? I have decided that the video is more entertaining with sound.

  5. When are you going to be in the DC area?



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