Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm going home...

Well... but let's hope I don't end up like Tim Curry's character did after he sang that song--betrayed by his lieutenant transvestite (who, it turns out, was having an incestuous and kinky relationship with his sister's elbows) before having his self-created true love murdered as he climbed a flimsy RKO set.

On the home front, I will be in America (mostly based in the Washington, DC area) from July 25 to August 17 (arriving back in Korea on August 18). I'm very excited to see family and friends and especially to introduce Min Gi to my culture and the people I love. However, preparing for my first real visit "home" in almost two years has taken most of my time, both logistically and emotionally. It's weird, but it's like in college when I was always "going home"--both when I went to my parents' house and then when I went back to the dorms. Straddling two places at once that both feel like home is rough. I imagine, now that I'm marrying a Korean person, more than just because I lived here, when I go to a third country that's not America or Korea, I'll be living in three places at once.

Well, that's been occupying my brain a lot lately. I started this post a long time ago, but some other things have prevented me from blogging well.

If you read William's blog, then you can see why I've been so busy at work, as well as how I ended up in my second Korean news article about my teaching endeavors. The theater festival was a great success. I am so, so proud of these kids. They are unbelievably awesome. Check out my photos from the second and first grade festivals, held over two days:

English Theater Festival at 외고.

The only unfortunate thing was that it made our rude, lazy, power-hungry principal look good. I shouldn't bash my boss on my blog, but he can't understand it, even though he used to teach English. Also, I don't really cares what he thinks anymore because the man fell asleep and sent LOUD text messages during the entire student festival. He is rude and disrespectful to the other teachers at the school and especially to the students, and I know that culturally, as the oldest person in the school, he can treat us however he wants and it's ok, but WHAT AN ASS.

In my personal life, I've been busy taking care of wedding planning, contract renewal, and details for moving when I return to Korea after my trip. More details coming soon, including information about my swine flu "quarantine" and a recap of the windy, crazy Mud Festival.


  1. Hey moo.

    It's really hard spending time with EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO LOVES YOU as well as get some downtime, so if I miss you this time around I'll catch you next time eh?

    Our home is always open to you though. We like to know a week ahead of time but we're open to last minute stragglers.



  2. So I don't know what your weekend looks like or if you're up to it, buuuuut...Sweeney Todd's closing weekend is this weekend. And it'd be AWESOME to see you in the audience! :)


  3. Rose,

    We'll see what we can do :)


    Already have my tickets for the Sunday matinee. :-) Tell Jim and Sweetie I'm coming!



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