Monday, July 27, 2009

Arrived/DC Memorials Near the Mall

Yes, we have safely arrived in America, after a difficult 22+ hour day of travel and then delicious Mexican food, and are enjoying the relaxing time in my parents' nicely remodeled home. I will update more about family for another time.

Our first day in America, we drove down to La Plata, where I used to do community theater, to see the final performance of Port Tobacco Players' Sweeney Todd. The play was amazing--the special effects and choreography created a great background mood for standout performances from the actress playing Mrs. Lovett and the actor playing young Toby. All of the other cast members were wonderful as well. I know the director and the producer well and have worked with them before, so I had high expectations for this production, but they were definitely surpassed. Bravo to everyone involved!

I also got to say hi to many old friends and introduce them, if briefly, to Min Gi. I miss this group of people so very much; I often reflect on how much I miss doing theater work, but the truth is that it is working with such awesome folks that makes the theater stuff so fun. I'll definitely get involved again when I'm back in the U.S. to live.

After the show, we headed to Northern Virginia to meet Amanda and Good Man for Chinese food. It was a great time, but too bad Amanda has to start teaching again, so she can't come play during weekdays. However, we did convince Good Man to join us the next day for shenanigans on the National Mall.


This morning, Min Gi and I headed down to the National Mall to meet Good Man and Peter, a friend of mine from high school. We started out at the Air and Space Museum, which is still pretty cool, even if some of the exhibits are now slightly outdated.

Models of Missiles--from an exhibit on the role of the military in space and flight development.

In another note, the Smithsonian Institute has sold out--the cafeteria now features overpriced McDonald's instead of overpriced generic Smithsonian cafeteria food. How tragic. We moved on to the memorials after checking out exhibits on aerial photography, the Wright Brothers, and the role of computers in space and flight technology.

Peter and I at the (relatively) new World War II Memorial, with the Washington Monument in the background.

Today was the anniversary of the armistice for the end (sort of) of the Korean war, so all the flags at the memorial sites were at half-mast, and the Korean War Memorial was decorated with funerary bouquets from the various embassies whose soldiers participated (and died) in the war effort on behalf of the UN.

Korean Soldiers in Rain Gear

Reflected Min Gi at the Korean War Memorial, carved with the faces of soldiers.

Finally, we worked our way around the reflecting pool, past the tidal basin to the Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, and the White House (from a distance).

Vietnam War Memorial

After that, we walked up towards Metro Center to find a bar for a happy hour toast to our day's adventure. Good times and good fun for everybody! Check out the rest of the day's photos:

DC Memorials Near the Mall


  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time. The photo of Min Gi next to the wall is awesome. Have fun!

  2. I'm so Jealous that you got to traipse around the mall AND see Peter. I haven't seen him in years. Glad you three had fun! :D

  3. It was great seeing you Sunday, and I'm glad you both enjoyed yourselves in DC!

  4. Marc and I are definitely up for hanging out. Just let me know what times/days are good for you. Email me at driftingfocus (at)

    - Kelsey

  5. Sorry to be late on this comment but it was so great to see you at the show. It meant so much that you were there and that you enjoyed it so. And I got to meet Min Gi!



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