Friday, May 22, 2009

One Year.

"When life is boring... take a duck boat" --Min Gi's text message to me the day after our anniversary. (More significant and funny if you realize that we nearly always text in Korean, even though we usually speak in English.)

Amazing Crab Rangoon at Shanghai Grill

Geese and Duck Boat on Suseong Lake (수성못)

After our paddling about, the boats became quite a bit more popular!

Min Gi's first game of mini-golf. Ever.

After lunch in at an American-style Chinese restaurant in Suseong-gu (the posh uppity area of Daegu) and paddling about on a very windy Suseong Lake in a duck boat, we headed downtown for a movie, but couldn't find parking. Instead, we went to Viva, a yummy Italian place in my neighborhood and then to the Lotte Cinema near E-mart to see Star Trek (which was awesome and made me want to watch the original series again!).

The day was beautiful, the company spectacular, and the conversation comfortable. Here's to one year together, and many more to come!

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  1. Looks so fun!

    I always wanted to go on a duck boat but my fear of tipping over into the (dirty) water was stronger than my desire to float along in a duck/goose.

    I have never been miniature golfing.

    Happy Anniversary!



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