Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eggs in a Basket?

About five minutes after walking in the door I was working at my desk when a tiny female teacher snuck in behind me and silently deposited a present before I could even see who it was--just some permed hair bobbing off into the distance as she darted stealthily to the next desk. What did she leave behind?

An egg. A brown egg. I assume it is hard-boiled.

I was so confused. Usually for this kind of food present, people will leave it on the communal plate. Gifts left on my desk are usually individually packaged. I continued to wonder about this for a few minutes until I noticed a student walk in with a few eggs, these wrapped in pastel-colored plastic.

Oh, the thought creeping in as sneakily as my mysterious springtime Korean Santa, it's Easter on Sunday.

But why, Korea, would you maintain the egg tradition without the decorations part (because the eggs are brown and can't be dyed, but NOT the chocolate? I fail to understand this country.


Speaking of failing to understand this country and things (like eggs and crazy people) that belong in baskets, my jaw was on the floor the whole time William read this article aloud to me. You should read the article; it's about a convicted sex offender who works as a teacher.

I learned this delightful fact about Korea from the article:

Currently, criminal records of those sentenced to less than three years in prison are removed after five years. As such, schools can't always ascertain the criminal record of would-be teachers.

Um... ok. So foreign teachers are required to submit police checks from countries that track sex offenders FOREVER to fill positions where they are almost never alone with the children, while Korean teachers with seven prior rape convictions can rent motel rooms for runaway teenagers who trust them much more than they ever would a foreigner? Ok. Got it.

I am in shock.


  1. No Easter chocolate?? That's just rude.

    I cannot believe that article. Sick and wrong ... why aren't there stricter laws?? Why don't they have registration requirements??

  2. Diana....
    ^^ 어제 신문에서 얼굴 봤어요~~~
    사범님과 함께 보고 많이 반가워 했었답니다.
    수업하는 멋진 모습 너무 좋았어요~~
    잘 지내요 ^^*



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