Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Short Hair?

I haven't had short hair for five years.

About two days ago I decided I MUST have short hair. The back was feeling bulky, and I thought it was looking a little straggly. I seem to only wear it up these days anyhow, so off to the salon I went.

I was scared, because my hair is crazy in a way that's very different from your average Korean's, but thought... what the heck? I found a nearby family hair salon, called Shampoo, that was staffed almost entirely by men. Male hairdressers listen to what you want. It's refreshing.

So I managed to explain well enough. My hair is too curly, so it ended up a little shorter than what I'd hoped for, but it'll grow out. I got some home dye and the final result is below.


  1. I had long hair all my life until my senior year in high school, when I chopped it all off.

    Never looked back. Short hair is way more fun!

    Your color is great- I wish I could have red hair. :)

  2. Your new hair cut looks awesome!

    I find things are much easier with a male hairdresser here as well ... not sure if that's strange to hear coming from a guy.



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