Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anne comes to Korea!

My best friend from the US, Anne, came to Korea for her spring break, which happened to coincide with my birthday on Monday. Yay! Although she is now in Seoul, we had lots of good times in and around Daegu.

On Sunday, we went out to Palgongsan to ride the "Happy 700 happy car" (Replacing the So-so 600 so-so car, which had been a dramatic improvement over the original Depressed 400 depressed car) up the mountain. Although overcast, the views were still quite lovely, and the cherry blossoms are budding. Next week it will be in full bloom. We also visited Donghwasa, making this my third trip there.

At the top of the mountain, I found a new family. Here is our portrait for the Christmas album.

Rejected from smurf village's casting, Buffy Smurf became a Korean Buddhist icon.

The next day, Anne visited my taekwondo studio, where Kwanjangnim threw an impromptu birthday party after practice.

Studio boys, Kwanjangnim, Donggap Sabeumnim, and Anne and I in silly hats.

Finally, last night, we had a wacky evening in and around the Kyoungdae Bukmoon area. We had dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant, and then stayed out far too late, being goofy.

Gong Bi whacks Min Gi with the "Health Hammer."

My other birthday present from Min Gi was this pink hiking ajumma hat. Here I model it gangsta style.

The rest of the photos from our time together are spread out in two different albums on Facebook. You can see them here or here.

I'll miss the Anne-nan-nan!!!


  1. Yay for Anne! More pictures of you two together please! :D

  2. Damn. The boy in the glasses in front looks JUST like Cover Boy from my studio. I actually did a triple-take.

    And that hat is all kinds

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